Project Description

New Baden Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Village of New Baden, IL

A new 0.78 MGD moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) wastewater treatment plant utilizing an aerated lagoon, separated into two sections by a floating curtain baffle, for biological treatment. The lagoon is 520’ x 260’ x 15’ SWD, with aeration provided by fine bubble diffusers suspended from floating air headers. The MBBR is an aerated, three-basin fixed film reactor for ammonia reduction. Suspended HDPE media carriers in each basin provide a total of over 2.6 million ft2 of surface area for biomass. An anoxic tank is provided ahead of, and after, the MBBR, to aid in nutrient reduction. Alum is added to the final anoxic tank to supplement total phosphorus removal, for which the facility has a limit of 1 mg/l.

Cloth media filters follow the MBBR, and final effluent is disinfected via ultraviolet light prior to post aeration and discharge. A new terminal lift station was also provided ahead of a cylindrical fine screen.
ACEC Merit Award Winner - 2011

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