Project Description

Moore Street Reconstruction, Phase 5 & 6
Waterloo, Illinois

Prior to reconstruction, the intersection of Moore Street and Columbia Avenue was subject to recurrent flooding due to lack of upstream, intercepting storm sewers having been installed many years prior that would capture and convey runoff without spilling onto pavements. The flooding was an intake issue at the intersection, which lead to safety concerns for daily traffic.
Project site involved installation of new storm sewer systems, new curb and gutter, new pavement, a shared-use path, and pavement markings defining crosswalks and stop bars.
Improvements eliminated the flooding, thereby improving safety and reducing the potential for degradation of the pavement (due to infiltration of moisture into the base and stripping of bitumen in the HMA). This fostered improvements within commercial and residential areas, access to the west of Moore Street (economic development and links to housing, education, etc.) and fostered bicycling and walking in the surrounding neighborhoods by the addition of these facilities.